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The Flora Gallery Postcard Art Show

We devised this idea of "The Flora Gallery" initially as a way of bringing together artist friends and colleagues continuing to work in these strange times.

It seemed to strike a chord as we had some great feedback which has encouraged us to continue.  The first gallery was entitled "Daffodils" and the second "Bluebells".

Now as a new project we have just launched our Postcard Art Show.

We hope to show online by the end of January and will be starting to promote it actively in the coming weeks.  We are also currently looking to see where we could show in the real world.

In the meantime just to give you a flavour of the quality of our contributors  check below for two beautiful pieces submitted by  Louise Hawkins and Jacqui Mair.

This work will be available for sale.

If you feel you might like to participate in the show we are able to accommodate a few more artists.  By the way we arent too prescriptive regarding the exact postcard size.  Just take it to mean a small piece of art.

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