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Graham Sterry

Site Technician

Its been really interesting using this time to experiment with some alternative ways to showcase art.  It makes a difference to banging nails in the wall!

Graham Sterry: TeamMember

Technical Notes

Its been really interesting working with all the artists to show off their work to the best.  Particularly as we have quite a wide range of media in the show.

I've also been playing with some of the software available that enables you to check what a piece of art might look like in a room.

There are a number of applications out there but I rather like a free one called rather strangely, ohmyprints, which enables you to upload an image of a wall and then an image of the piece of art.  (The piece shown is a one I did during a class Sarah has been running during lockdown!)

I welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments.

mydrawing onawall.jpg
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