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Richard Bavin


Richard’s work is based on outdoor studies of trees, woodland and wildflower meadows, and where possible he visits these places through at least one year to get to know their moods in different weathers and seasons. Floral studies have increasingly become a part of his work,  and these wild daffodil pieces are of Lea and Paget’s Wood, an ancient woodland owned by Herefordshire Wildife Trust.

On location Richard makes drawings and watercolours along with notes, photographs and sound recordings, but being in a place over many hours is equally important. Back in his studio these records and memories are distilled slowly into watercolour and oil paintings.

Richard is a member of The Arborealists, a national group of artists who focus on the tree, and is artist-in-residence with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust - his current residency including the 60 acres of wildflower meadows at Birches Farm.

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Richard Bavin: Pro Gallery
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