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Tessa Tyldesley


Tessa Tyldesley has been designing jewellery for many years, she works with semi-precious stones and sterling silver.
She studied fine art and this has a huge influence in the way she designs her jewellery. The starting point of a necklace is an array of stones on a table, just as a painter may have an array of colours on their palette. The final piece has gone through a process of mixing colour, texture and shape culminating in a well balanced and comfortable necklace.
She makes big bold necklaces and is just as happy designing smaller work with the same input of artistry.
Tessa delights in the vagaries of the stones, to some they may appear as a fault , but really it is the very presence of these quirks that gives the piece its unique quality.
Tessa lives in the Cotswolds and her work can be seen in galleries in the West Country and further afield.

She is happy to discuss commissions

Tessa Tyldesley: TeamMember
Tessa Tyldesley: Pro Gallery
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